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Ansible Semaphore

Ansible-Semaphore is a UI interface for ansible playbooks.


Setup MySQL

Here we use semaphore as the password.

docker run -d --name=mysql -p -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=semaphore mysql:5.6


docker inspect mysql | grep -w -m1 IPAddress


"IPAddress": "",

Setup Semaphore

Pull and start the container

docker run \
    --name semaphore \
    --rm -it \
    -p 8080:3000 \
    ansiblesemaphore/semaphore:v2.6.9 sh

Inside the container, run

semaphore -setup
Field Value
DB Host
DB Password semaphore

Follow the guide and setup the username and password:


> Config output directory (default /etc/semaphore): /home/semaphore
Running: mkdir -p /home/semaphore..
Configuration written to /home/semaphore/config.json..
Pinging db..

Running DB Migrations..
Checking DB migrations

> Username: admin
> Email: admin@admin
WARN[0030] sql: no rows in result set                    level=Warn
> Your name: admin
> Password: admin

You are all setup admin!
Re-launch this program pointing to the configuration file

./semaphore -config /home/semaphore/config.json

To run as daemon:

nohup ./semaphore -config /home/semaphore/config.json &

You can login with admin@admin or admin.