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Starter Practice Checklist

Starting from this post, we will start a series of practice checklists for you to explore the use of Docker instead of just reading the words.

Level: Starter☕

Install Docker Engine

Basics: Operations

Learn the basic use of docker CLI and finish the official get-started.

Exercise 1: Jupyter Lab Mission

In this section, a jupyter lab image is used to start the container running jupyter lab server. The server can be access by the host’s port with port mapping.

Then build an image using the jupyter lab image as the base image, and pre-install pandas in the image.


  • Pull Jupyter Lab Image
  • Run a Jupyter Lab Container with Port Mapping
  • Access Jupyter Lab from Laptop Browser
  • Install Packages, e.g. pandas
  • Mount Local File System Volumes to the Container
  • Build an Image from Jupyter Lab Image with pandas pre-installed.
  • Run the Image Built Above, and Access the Jupyter Lab Web Interface.

Reading: Build Image

Exercise 2: Build Image

Will I really have the chance to use these?

No doubt, yes. Actually, it's not surprising if you use all the above techniques in just a single project.

All these are not just here because they look fancy, they are here in this tutorial because they are really useful.